Fluor Amsterdam Speakers Toastmasters (FAST)

Vanwege de corona-virus situatie zijn veel bijeenkomsten online gehouden. Clubs die nu de overgang maken terug naar bijeenkomsten op locatie krijgen te maken met de 1.5 m regel en een limiet op het aantal mensen in de ruimte. Neem contact op met de club voordat u besluit naar één van onze bijeenkomsten te komen. Dit zorgt ervoor dat u niet voor een gesloten deur komt te staan.

Due to the corona situation, many meetings have been taken online. Now that clubs are returning to meetings on location they have to deal with the 1.5 m rule and a limit on the number of people that are allowed in the room. Please make sure to contact the club before you decide to attend one of our meetings to make sure you will not find yourself standing in front of a closed door.

Fluor Amsterdam Speakers Toastmasters (FAST)

Voertaal Engels
Clubdagen twee-wekelijk op vrijdag
Tijden van 12:00 tot 13:00

Fluor Amsterdam
Taurusavenue 155
2132 LS Hoofddorp

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“We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.”

This is the mission of Toastmasters.

Fluor B.V. – a subsidiary of Fluor Corp, an international engineering company – supports this mission wholeheartedly and founded its own chapter in its former Haarlem office in the 1970s as the first Toastmasters club in The Netherlands.

After years of successful operation, membership gradually dwindled and the club eventually stopped. A restart was made a few years ago: Fluor Amsterdam Speakers Toastmasters (FAST).

It is our mission to provide our members with a safe and fun environment to work on their leadership and communication skills. 

About Us

Our members join because they wish to improve their presentation and communication skills, or because they wish to work on their personal development in general. The atmosphere of our meetings is informal, yet professional and supportive. We all enjoy having fun while learning!

Because of our international member pool our sessions always take place in English. 


If you are looking for an English club in the greater Amsterdam region that meets during the day, feel welcome to attend a session as a guest.

While we are a company club, we are open to external members. Sessions take place in our office, which is located in Hoofddorp at a walking distance from the train station.

Guests are always welcome. To ensure you will be given a proper reception, please contact us first.

Mail: FAST.Toastmasters@fluor.com